Where To Find Local Cuisine In Qatar

Where To Find Local Cuisine In Qatar

It goes without saying that food plays a vital role while traveling. It’s actually an integral part of the overall travel experience and a great way to better understand new cultures.

Therefore, trying Arabic cuisine is something you have to do during your visit in Qatar; the country is home to excellent restaurants that cater all palettes.

What You Need To Try:


Hummus: Made of chickpeas, tahini, garlic and lemon, this dish is simply delicious!


Tabbouleh: A simple yet so tasty dish! It’s a salad made with parsley, onion, tomatoes, mint and lemon juice.


Fattoush: A delicious salad, made with mixed greens, pomegranate, diced tomatoes, cucumber and small squares of fried pita.

Shish tawook: Skewered chicken dish, usually served with pita bread and fries; Simply delicious!

Batata Harra: Spicy potatoes, made with red pepper, chili, olive oil and coriander. So flavored!

Kofta: Pieces of minced lamb or beef; they are served either fried or grilled.

Dolma: Stuffed grape leaves, filled with rice or meat.

Let’s see where you can try Arabic cuisine in Doha! We have tried many times the three restaurants below and we highly suggest them:

Damasca One

1. Damasca One

One of the best places to taste Arabic food, Damasca One serves a variety of dishes. You have to try the perfectly grilled meats, the delicious tabbouleh or fattoush salads and the mouthwatering hummus. In addition, make sure to order some spicy potatoes. Lastly, they serve freshly baked bread, which is mouthwatering!

The restaurant is located at the main square of Souq Waqif.

Debs W Remman

2. Debs W Remman

Located at Medina Centrale at the Pearl, Debs W Remman offers high quality local dishes. Make sure to order-besides the aforementioned at Damasca One- fattoush with eggplant, lentil soup, kofta, dolma or shish tawouk. You can also enjoy some shisha.

Le Gourmet

3. Le Gourmet

Located at Souq Waqif- we must admit that Souq Waqif has some of the best restaurants in town- Le Gourmet is a wonderful place to enjoy local dishes, along with shisha. Its location at the main street makes it busy but also fun, as you get to see all the action! Food is great; from grilled meat to salads and hot mezze, Le Gourmet will not let anyone disappointed.

Arabic food is so plentiful; fresh, aromatic, tasty. And the above restaurants are the best way to taste it!

Do you know any great Arabic restaurant? Which one?