The Best Internet Cafes

The Best Internet Cafes

We visited and tested several locations that offer good coffee, strong wifi (speed tested) and a nice, overall atmosphere. We focused primarily on the areas of West Bay and The Pearl. Here are the results along with the directions to get there!

Java U


Located at the Pearl, at Porto Arabia 22, Java U is a really good place to get some work done. Wifi is excellent - even though, you might need to reload your open pages at times, tables are comfortable, it’s quiet and drinks are good.


For directions, click here

Chocolataria Equador


If chocolate works as an energy booster for you, then Chocolataria is a great option! It provides a warm and welcoming environment, along with delicious chocolate treats. Wifi works very good, tables are a bit small but fit the basics. The super cold environment though, is a major flaw. They need to keep the place cold for the chocolates - which makes sense – nevertheless, if you easily get cold, then maybe this place is not for you. What is more, it’s way more expensive than the rest coffee places on the list.



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In the heart of Medina Centrale at the Pearl, Mokarabia offers excellent coffee and tasty desserts, while the wifi efficiency has its days. Sometimes, it works perfectly and others, it just doesn’t. Tables are comfortable and spacious. Mokarabia also features an inventive snack and lunch menu, so you can easily spend the entire day there.


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Quick Bites


Located at West Bay and on Marriot Marquis’ ground floor, Quick Bites is an all-time-classic choice. Cozy, quiet, with excellent wifi, this coffee place is ideal for work or business meetings. A big plus? The freshly-made desserts, cakes and proper meals.


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Lavazza Coffee [Espression]


One of the few cafes in Doha that make proper iced coffee, Lavazza at the Gate Mall West Bay is perfect for business meetings, lunch breaks and of

course, for spending time with your laptop. Internet is great, the place is quiet, coffee is really good and snacks are tasty. What else would you ask for?


For directions click here

Espresso Lab


Also located at the City Centre, Espresso Lab is not that easy to find. You need to ask the information desk or security for directions, unless you enter from the Marriot Marquis Hotel; in that case, it’s the first thing you’ll see on your left. When you find it, you better spend some time there. This hidden coffee place has beautiful decoration, good wifi and delicious treats.



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A delicate coffee place at the heart of Katara Cultural Village is deeply European-inspired, while blending perfectly in the Qatari society. It offers mouthwatering cakes and delicious chocolate, along with a nice and relaxing environment for work. You can use the Katara Guest wifi, which works fine. We are not sure why did not show any results, but we could navigate in Google and do our work perfectly fine.



For directions click here:

Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Cafe


Not only it offers the best views of Doha city, it also provides a bright and spacious area to work. Wifi is very good, so you can get some work done while enjoying spectacular views! Nevertheless, if there is a school visit, MIA Cafe can get really noisy.


Our two favorites though, that met all criteria, would be Lavazza- Espression and Quick Bites. Wifi is excellent, food and coffee are really good, and they both offer a peaceful and comfortable to work environment.

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There are Starbucks stores located throughout Doha. In City Centre mall there are two, in Place Vendome mall there are also two. And in Doha Festival City mall there are four Starbucks believe it or not! The fourth one is hidden inside of another store. Can you tell where it is from the picture? Let us know in the comments.

We would love to hear your experiences and suggestions are also welcome!