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Beer in Qatar - The Ultimate Guide

Where can I drink beer in Qatar?

Beer in Qatar - The Ultimate Guide

A lot of questions are being asked about the availability of beer in Qatar. Here are some answers along with our ultimate guide on where to find the best draft beer in Qatar!

Is beer allowed in Qatar? Is beer legal in Qatar? Can you drink beer in Qatar? How much does beer cost in Qatar?

Beer is the World’s Most Beloved Drink and with much of the world’s attention focused on Qatar hosting the 2022 World Cup, it makes sense that people are asking about it.

We decided to put together this guide with a list of establishments offering draft beer on tap along with the happy hour times and prices. Here in Qatar, alcohol is rather expensive, so happy hour is usually your best bet for having a pint.

Belgian Cafe Doha

Here are 19 of the top spots to get a draft beer in Qatar. The cheapest happy hour draft beer you'll find on the list is 29 QAR ($7.95) at the Santa Monica and also at Dunes both located in the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

The most expensive happy hour deal is 45 QAR ($12.33) at the Belgian Cafe and the Wahm. The latest happy hour runs until 9pm and the earliest one is over at 6pm. All the details are included in the descriptions below.

Let us know your thoughts. Did we miss any?