Our goal is to inspire, entertain and inform you about life in the Great State of Qatar. Hello Qatar was created by expats from the U.S. and U.K. to serve as a resource for newcomers and residents alike.

It originally started in 2015 as a Facebook page to show people back home what life was like in Qatar. Many stereotypes persist about this region of the world and Hello Qatar gives people a first-hand account of the highlights of living in this country where personal tax rate is zero.

If you are coming to the World Cup want to know what else there is to do in Qatar…

If you’re traveling to Doha to visit friends and family, and you want to know the best things you can do during your stay…

If you’re having a layover in Qatar and you want to spend your time wisely…

…Then we’ve got you covered!

Hello Qatar puts you at the heart of everything, informing and inspiring you with creative, innovative and well-researched content.

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